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Members, Guests and all Visitors, shall at all times be in attire appropriate to the area or facility of the Club which they are using. 

The term "appropriate attire" shall mean clean, presentable clothing in good condition and not offensive to other patrons of the or to Club Management.  Club Management, through the General Manager or his assistants, shall have the authority to determine what constitutes "appropriate attire" in any particular instance and shall also have the authority to request anyone who may be inappropriately attired to leave the Club premises or to leave the particular area of the Club where the person is in inappropriate attire.  

In general, (subject to the exceptions noted) dress throughout Bali National Golf Resort shall be casual.  

Clubhouse Dress Code 
Attire appropriate to the clubhouse must be worn at all times during participation.  All persons must wear shoes with the exception that metal spiked shoes are not permitted. Gentlemen must wear a shirt at all times. 

Golf Course Dress Code 
All players must be correctly dressed in golf attire with golf shoes.  

Men must wear a collared shirt or “mock top” . 

Tee shirts, singlets, short shorts, running shorts, cut offs, tank tops and denim shorts are not permitted to be worn on the golf course. 

Metal spiked shoes are not permitted. 

Club Management may waive the dress standards of the Club from time-to-time for special Club activities and functions.

Bali Golf

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Great Summer Golf

14 June 2018
Golfers were so ready for the Summer Tournament. We were glad that most of the golfers made an effort to dress up in Summer Golf theme.


14 June 2018
Calling all the ladies golfer to have fun in Bali National Ladies Golf Tournament on Friday, August 31, 2018.

Vote For Bali National Golf Club in Asian Golf Awards 2018

11 May 2018
Show your love to Bali National by submitting your vote for Bali National Golf Club in Asian Golf Awards 2018.

Tournaments & Events

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Bali National The Yak Magazine Community Cup

Bali National The Yak Magazine Community Cup

DATE: 15 Jul 2018

It’s been three months since we invited golfers for a round of the glorious game … which means it’s time again for The Yak Magazine Golf Community Cup, with all the fun of the fair!